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Dagny FernandesDagny Fernandes 

Country State Picklist Error: There's a problem with this country, even though it may appear correct. Please select a country/territory from the list of valid countries.

I am facing below error: "There's a problem with this country, even though it may appear correct. Please select a country/territory from the list of valid countries."

Senario: I have enalbled te Country/State Picklist and created the Lead record, all the other records are working there is one record with Coutry United States with Code US this is also working when i update Custom filed "Lead Parent" I am getting the above error.

Need urgent help 
SandhyaSandhya (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Dagny Fernandes,

The same issue can occur if the 'State/Province' and 'Country fields' have invalid values in user's personal settings. This can be changed by the user by following the click path

My settings >>Personal >> Personal Information (Address section)

Please refer below salesforce help document for the same.


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Varun SinghVarun Singh
Hi All

Importing new or performing updates to existing records may result in data validation errors when State and Country picklists (S&CP) are enabled if the address data contained in your file does not match the predefined state and country data.  For more details on how to get started, set, and configure state and country picklist values see the State and Country Picklists Overview documentation.

Users may encounter the following errors which are related to performing a data manipulation operation (an import, insert, update, or upsert) when state and country picklists are enabled:

Best practices and considerations to avoid receiving the above errors on import when using State&Country Picklists:

Set the default country to --None-- in your state and country picklist's setup section. This is not required but will help to ensure that a default country selection is not influencing the outcome of your data operation. See Configuring State and Country Picklists for more details on setting a default country.

Map both Standard State and Country fields together (BillingState, ShippingState & BillingCountry, ShippingCountry) ORboth the StateCode and CountryCode fields together (BillingStateCode, ShippingStateCode & BillingCountryCode, ShippingCountryCode). For example, if you're mapping ShippingCountry it is recommended that you also map ShippingState and in contrast, if you're mapping ShippingCountryCode it's recommended that you map the ShippingStateCode field as well. An import which has standard fields (BillingCountry, ShippingCountry) mapped in conjunction with address code (ISO) fields (ShippingStateCode, BillingStateCode) may result in an error.​

If using the Data Loader or other API tool and mapping to the standard address fields (BillingState, ShippingState & BillingCountry, ShippingCountry) you'll need to set the state and country picklist's integration values in your file. Integration values, by default, match the State/Country full names. For more details on state and country integration values see the Editing State and Country Details documentation.​
If your file contains Country and State (ISO) Codes you will need to ensure you're mapping to the address code fields (BillingStateCode, ShippingStateCode & BillingCountryCode, ShippingCountryCode) in Salesforce.

For those Countries, were you have not defined any States, you can set update the State fields with an null value to clear them.