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Eduardo DeslandesEduardo Deslandes 

Getting Started with Entitlements Challenge

Hi, I have done all steps in the Housekeeping topic and all steps exactly how is in the challenge, but I'm still getting the error: "Could not find an Entitlement Template named 'Trailhead Standard Web Support' with a term of 90 days and of type 'Web Support'", anyone could help me, please?
SandhyaSandhya (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Eduardo Deslandes,

Please consider below points.

1.To complete this challenge, you must have enabled entitlement management and added the Entitlement Templates related list to your product page layout.

2.Try to copy paste the name of the template and product as given in the challenge because the trailhead is very particular about names.

Hope this helps you!

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Thanks and Regards

Eduardo DeslandesEduardo Deslandes
Thanks, I'll try later.
Philip CzuprasPhilip Czupras

for me it does not work either.

I copied the names and tried an other playground.

Please help.

User-added image

User-added image

Philip CzuprasPhilip Czupras
entitlement management is enabled and templates is added to the new product. 
Please find attached the screenshot.
Eduardo DeslandesEduardo Deslandes
Hi, I don't remember if this problem was about translation, but in some Trailhead challenges I've only passed after change the language option in my user and set it to use Salesforce in English.
Philip CzuprasPhilip Czupras
Hi Eduardo,
thank you very much for you answer.
But it does not work. I changed language to English and added template + product again. 
Same error....
Erwin GonzalezErwin Gonzalez
I think the same thing about a traslation problem. The type of my developer entitlement field always appears in spanish.
So i created two picklist values for the field Type of Entitlement object. (Web Support and Phone Support). Edit the Entitlement template asociate the Web Support type, and it works.
Hope this helps you.,
Fran Cámara 9Fran Cámara 9
Thanks a lot, this has also worked for me
Diego PeresDiego Peres
Hello, I had the same problem when I analyzed it and why the trail should be done in CLASSIC mode.