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Holly DanielsHolly Daniels 

How can I use the Process Builder to create a Task related to its associated Account?


I'm trying to create a Process that will send an email to a Contact, and create a Task to record the activity (and relate it to the correct records), but I can't save the action in the process builder without using a static ID in the ID field.  I'd like to have it look up the IDs from the record.  

I have a cutom object 'QMR' that triggers the Process when it is updated.  The QMR has a master-detail relationship with a Contact and an Account, and I would like the Task to be related to both so it appears in the Activity feed on those pages.  

Not sure if it's worth noting, but my company uses the Professional Edition so Visual Workflow is not available to us.  

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Hello Daniels,

Type should be reference not id.

Let us know if u have any issues.

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