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Lightning component not available for lightning tab


I just created a Lightning component with the 'implements="force:appHostable"' attribute in the aura:component tag. 
I have changed My Domain already. 

But when I go to lightning tabs, when selecting the lightning component always shows "-none-" and nothing else... 

Am I missing something?
Lalit Mistry 21Lalit Mistry 21
Hi Wereke,

In order to create lightning tabs, you need to create lightning page as mentioned below.
Under Setup, Go to Build -> Lightning App Builder & then Create a new Lightning page to include your lightning component.
Once done, you should be able to use the newly created page as Lightning Tab.

Mark this as an answer if it solves your problem.
hi Wereke
nope your step is fine try once delete compoent and create again with same code make sure your compoent is save succesfully

create component with implements="force:appHostable"User-added image

User-added image
i hop it helps you
let me inform if it helps you

Ankit Sharma 183Ankit Sharma 183

hello i have open tabs but there Lightning component tabs are bot visible i have use custom domain.

Custom Object Tabs

Web Tabs

Visualforce Tabs

Lightning Page Tabs

These four tab only visible.
can you help me how to add Lightning component tabs.