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How do a deploy with Force.com IDE?

Hi good afternoon,

Is there any way to get metadata (custom fields, custom objects and others things, created in the sandbox) in Force.com IDE (Eclipse)? If yes, can i do a deploy with these metadata  to my production org?

I tried get but only came apex code. (Nothing declaratively)

How can i do that?
Prateek Singh SengarPrateek Singh Sengar
Hi Gabriel,
Yes you can get metadata other then apex class and VF pages in eclipse. When you are creating a new force.com project in eclipse after entering your credentials, in the screen which displays project contents the default selection is for Apex class and VF pages. In this screen select metdata components and select the metadata that you want to import in eclipse. Hope this helps.
Thank you, PrateekSinghSengar. This helped me a lot.