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Stacey HusseyStacey Hussey 

Finish location of flow with apex class in new window

I have a flow launching from a footer component, and the below code is resulting in the flow finishing and opening the new task record in the footer component. I am looking for the New Task Record to open in a new tab though in the screen. I think I am missing one tiny bit of code to make this happen. Can anyone help??

public class TaskFlowController {
    public Flow.Interview.New_Guest_Log theFlow {get; set;}
    public PageReference getNewTaskRecord(){
        if(theFlow == null)
            return null;
            return new PageReference('/' + theFlow.varTaskId);

<apex:page Controller="TaskFlowController">
 <flow:interview name="New_Guest_Log" interview="{!theflow}" finishlocation="{!NewTaskRecord}" buttonLocation="top">

Stacey HusseyStacey Hussey
Still looking for help on the above issue if anyone can help I would GREATLY appreciate it!