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Quote template

I have formula field "Discount "on the quote object which give me the result "10% on the product" I have added the "on the product" in the text formula.
I have added the field in the quote template. My problem is if there is no discount still I am getting the value on the quote template as "on the product".

I am looking for the solution where I will not get this field on the quote template if my Discount% field is blank.

Please help me folks
My understanding is you need to hide a field based on a certain value of formula field.
From the top of my mind, one solution could be the use of Visualforce Page, but you will need to weigh this option against the development effort and the level of need for this requirement. Or you could use record types approach here, create Record Types and page layouts with the required field, and write a workflow & field update to change between the Record Types(in turns changing page layouts) to show or hide the fields.
Hi Mac,

I would suggest to modify your formula field to handle blank values i.e. check for
"On The Product",

Hope this helps !!!


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