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Workflow Time Trigger to run Daily

Hi All, 
I have a requirement where on Case creation I am populating the Start Date and there is another field named "Days Allowed" that is initially set to 1.
I want this Days Allowed to keep incrementing every day to +1. Can I do it with workflow time trigger. I tried the approach wherein I set the condition to Trigger to Fire 1 day after the start date. I know this would just fire for the first day after the start date. I have also set another condition to fire "1 Day After Rule Trigger Date". Will this trigger run daily?? 
Please suggest the best possible option. Thanks in advance

Is it okay to have this Days Allowed to be a formula field?

If so, make it a forumula field with type number(4,0), and write a formula like

TODAY()- Datevalue(CreatedDate) +1

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