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Mike FuchsMike Fuchs 

Creating a Flow Collection Variable From Within a Loop

Here is my scenario
  • Use a Fast Lookup Element To Query a custom object called "Assignment" that meet certain filter criteria
  • Store in a SObject Collection Variable called "AssignmentCollection" (various fields are picked from the "Assignment" Object including a lookup field to another custom object callled "Schedule")
  • Loop through the SObject Collection Variable "AssignmentCollection" on a SObject Variable called "eachAssignment"
  • While looping though, I want to place the eachAssignment.Schedule field (again this would be an ID for the "Schedule" object) into it's own SObject Collection Variable so I can loop through it later on in my flow and update the records.  Right now I'm doing it in an inefficient manner by doing a Record Update on the "Schedule" in the middle of my loop.  How do I each of my "Schedule" Ids to it's own collection variable that I can loop through later?  Thank you!