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Vijay ChaitanyaVijay Chaitanya 

Sandbox to Production deployment of Email Templates

Hi SF Jodhas,

I would like to understand the likely result of the following scenario please:

I have an Email Template 'A' with a certain template id, we have a corresponding email template 'B' in sandbox that has been built with the same API name but different template id (this was no data refresh between prod and sandbox). Now when I push 'B' to production will it overwrite the existing 'A' in production since the Unique Emaiol Template API name is the same between A & B? or is there a risk of creating a new Email template as the template ids are different between the systems? Thanks in advance.


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Hi Vijay,

When you push the email template, it should overwrite only if the ID of the email templates are identical. It shouldn't be based on the API name. However, there is a validation rule to keep email template names unique so the deployment should fail if template B and template A have different IDs.

I would check the IDs of template A and B and if they are identical, then template B in the sandbox should overwrite template A. If the IDs are different, but the API names are identical, then the deployment should fail.

Hope this helps!