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Hiteshkumar Chaudhari 2Hiteshkumar Chaudhari 2 

how to get pop after saving a record

i want to open pop up after saving the record

i am using picklist for gender and i want its default should be none so that until user selects manually it should be none .

can any buddy help me for that

thnx in advance

I assume that you are using visualforce/apex controller and you are in salesforce classic.

Have a boolean variable getter in your controller like SaveSuccess.

After the record is saved(save button click), set the above boolean value to true.

In your vf page, rerender a section after save.

inside that section use javascript to check for the value of the boolean variable. if true you can alert some message.


Picklist , I think what you are asking is default behaviour, 
i.e if you have a picklist field in object and it has some picklsit values, in UI, it will be showing None until some value is selected.
Hiteshkumar Chaudhari 2Hiteshkumar Chaudhari 2
both of them are correct Adjasant .
 how can i perform them is unknown to me so can you guide me for that