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Hiteshkumar Chaudhari 2Hiteshkumar Chaudhari 2 

how to set tooltip on textfleid in visualforce.

Code : 
 <h1>Name</h1>            <apex:inputText id="Name" value="{!Name}" />

 i want to add tool tip on that text field can anybuddy help me to get a tooltip on that 

thank you in advance 
hi try below code
<label>SomeInput: </label><c:helpicon helpText="Need to put in data here."/>
         <apex:inputText id="Name" value="{!Name}" />

and create visualforce component with below code
<apex:component selfClosing="true">
<apex:attribute name="helpText" description="Help Text." type="String" required="true"/>
<div class="mouseOverInfoOuter" id="searchInvoiceHelper" onfocus="addMouseOver(this)" onmouseover="addMouseOver(this)" tabindex="0">
    <img src="/s.gif" alt="" class="infoIcon" title="" />
    <div class="mouseOverInfo" id="searchInvoiceHelperText" style="display: none; opacity: -0.19999999999999996; left: 1px;">
        <div class="body">{!helpText}</div>
let me inform if it helps you