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Help to understand code

Dear Experts,

I'm new bee to APEX (and programing), can you pls explain me to understand below code (bold Highlighted):
- encriptedFieldsMap.put, What Map gets if inner class constructor calls?

Request: I'm new to programming, kindly articulate your answer in a lay man language.. thanks in advance.


public class EncriptFieldValueMover {
    public Map<String,EncriptFieldValueMover.EncriptedField> encriptedFieldsMap {get;private set;}
    public String fieldApiName = 'FieldAPI';
    public Account encFieldCS;
    public EncriptFieldValueMover(){
        encriptedFieldsMap = new Map<String,EncriptFieldValueMover.EncriptedField>();
        encriptedFieldsMap.put(fieldApiName,new EncriptFieldValueMover.EncriptedField(fieldApiName,encFieldCS));
    public class EncriptedField{
        private String fieldAPIName;
        private String elatedEncriptedField;
        public account encFieldCS {get; private set;}
        public EncriptedField(String fieldAPIName, Account encFieldCS){
            this.fieldAPIName = fieldAPIName;
            this.encFieldCS = encFieldCS;
        public String getFieldAPIName(){
            return fieldAPIName;
        public String getRelatedEncriptedField(){
            return encFieldCS.Name;
sandeep reddy 37sandeep reddy 37
This coad is used for getting the field name from account for that they use EncriptedField class but you provided apiname in class 1
using this apiname TO pass a parameter in constracter

after that all details inserted in map 
apiname is key

using put method they done\

 encriptedFieldsMap.put(fieldApiName,new EncriptFieldValueMover.EncriptedField(fieldApiName,encFieldCS));

 HOPE you are dought is clear