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Laura HallLaura Hall 

validation rule picklist multiselect other

I need to write a validation rule for if other is selected on a multi select picklist then it will be directed to a text field.
Evelyn FayadEvelyn Fayad
You'll need to insert the Text function so that you won't get the syntax error regarding the picklist. 

Text(value) = "Other"
Text(value) = ""

Replace the first 'value' with the picklist API
Replace the second 'value' with the API of the field that is currently blank, and that you want to be filled in if 'other' is chosen. 
Then choose error location on the field that you want to put the validation rule on

For example:
TEXT(Status)= "Disqualified"
TEXT(Status_Reason)= ""

Error location = Status Reason

Hope this helps - I just used it this morning and it works :) 

Akhil AnilAkhil Anil
Hi Laura,

To check the value in a multi-select picklist, you need to use the INCLUDES() function like this.

Use the insert field option to use the right API names of the fields.

Kindly mark it as an answer if that works.