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Ed WomackEd Womack 

Trailhead will not connect to my developer edition...

I have a developer edition account that does exist and I can log into it. But when I go to Trailhead and select "Connect to Developer account" I get a "page not found." I can create a new "Trailhead Playground" but it doesn't have all of the custom objects I created in other modules.

Is there a way to explicitly set the developer edition that Trailhead connects to? I should also add that this happened after the recent Trailhead changes with the new badges and paths. It wasn't happening about a month ago.

Thank you!
UC InnovationUC Innovation
Hi Ed,

You can link your DE org to yout trailhead profile by going to your profile settings and linking it there.However it must be a developer edition and not a sandbox to do this.

Hope this helps!
Ed WomackEd Womack

I tried this and when I tried to access my Dev edition I received a "Page not found" error after linking the dev environment. I was able to keep working by creating a new environment.