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Jon FennerJon Fenner 

Problems generating WSDL

I am trying to generate the Enterprise WSDL to access the APIs for our account.  I am going to Setup, selecting API, and then Generate Enterprise WSDL.  At that point, SF is taking me to the login page again.  I then try to login, but the normal credentials don't work.  I have a Professional Edition account (not a trial).  Any help would be appreciated... thanks.

I think for professional edition APIs are not enabled unless you have paid for it and that might be reason you are not able to download WSDL. you can raise a call with Salesforce or directly call themt. They should be able to help.
Sidharth Panda 5Sidharth Panda 5
Some Professional Edition organizations may also have the API enabled. Check for “Modify All Data” permission is enabled. If still you are not able to generate WSDL, contact Salesforce support for pricing quote.