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Leticia DopradoLeticia Doprado 

EasyDescribe app - Page/Contact Layout & Description


I am using EasyDescribe and FieldTrip to create a Data Dictionary of all the fields we have in Salesforce that'll contain the field names, their descriptions, in-line help text, the layout in which they appear and if/how much they are used and by which users. I can't seem to find a way to have these reports/analysis identify the Description of the fields nor which layout they appear in (for example, we have 3 layouts for the contact object and we would like to know which fields appear in which layout for that object). Does anyone have any suggestions/comments and/or experience with doing this that they'd like to share? 

Pankaj MehraPankaj Mehra
Hi Joseph,

If its a one time check then you can use Ant, force.com Ide or maven mates or any other tool to get all layout where you can open the Layout.xml file and can see which fields are included in layout, You can use code compare software or online tools to compare layout xml's and can see field difference

secondly if you need a better approach 
DescribeLayout() is a Soap API call, there is a Java example here,
Alain CabonAlain Cabon
Hello Leticia, 

regularcoder has a first tool (not in appexchange yet):  http://deepfield https://github.com/regularcoder/deepfield (http://deepfield https://github.com/regularcoder/deepfield)

I try it but it is still a work-in-progress (problem with too many objects and fields).  

As it is an open-source project, you can see how it works.

//Get layouts where field is used
//Pull layout rows

String response = getHTTP('/services/data/v37.0/tooling/query/?q=SELECT+EntityDefinitionID,LayoutType,ManageableState,Name,NamespacePrefix,TableEnumOrID+FROM+Layout+WHERE+TableEnumOrId=\'' + queryBy + '\'');


I have written my own tool for this purpose (very complex) and I will publish it soon but I don't use this technique.

If you want to install deepfield (pilot), I can help you.

Leticia DopradoLeticia Doprado
Alain this is really cool!
Leticia DopradoLeticia Doprado
I believe I am limited to using published apps (preferably from App Exchange); however, I will check with our developers if we can install this. This looks like what I need!
Alain CabonAlain Cabon
Laeticia, there are probably other tools for the layouts on Apexchange yet that other people could know here but the Visualforce pages will be difficult or impossible to auto-describe because all can be dynamic so it is necessary to mix the data of a well "understood" Apex code and the Visualforce pages themselves capture as images jpg ... so a human writter is necessary.

But for the layouts in the metadata, all can be extracted and reformated.

DeepField is still very technical.