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Grant Ongstad 3Grant Ongstad 3 

Ignore Duplicate Match Validation on Custom Lead Conversion

Hello Everybody,

I am currently testing duplicate rules in Salesforce.

I have a custom lead conversion class and currently when I try to convert a lead but a similar account already exists, I recieve an error message and the insert fails. This is troublesome because when my trigger converts multiple leads, they will all fail if one of them is a duplicate.

Is there a way to ignore the error message and still convert a lead even if there is a duplicate, however I would still like to flag these accounts so that someone can merge them later.

Grant Ongstad
Akhil AnilAkhil Anil
Hi Grant, 

Did you explore the "Allow" option in the duplicate rule that will allow you to create the duplicate record after showing an alert ?
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You can choose whether to alert and then allow the user to create the duplicate record.

Kindly mark it as an answer if that works !
Grant Ongstad 3Grant Ongstad 3
Hey Akhll,
Thanks for the response! While I did look into that, it was not the issue I am having. I found that since i am using the database.convertlead method, I can specify AllorNone to FALSE which has allowed me convert the other leads.