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pooja biswaspooja biswas 

externalID in import wizard_single csv file

I want to know how to use externalID in data import wizard.
I created a custom field say MyExt in account object which is an externalID field.
I want to use this externalID field to insert new account and contact records in single CSV file
Can any one pls explain how to structure the csv file?

The import wizards don't allow matching by external ID other than for custom objects. The Data Loader, however, allows matching by external ID for all objects when performing an upsert. (In case you don't recognise the word, an upsert is a combined UPdate and inSERT.) It does *not* allow for matching by EID on update or insert operations.
Data Loader is only available in Enterprise, Unlimited or Developer Editions.
You can download it from under Setup -> Administration Setup -> Data Management -> Data Loader

pooja biswaspooja biswas
when we connect to import wizard, there is an option "Account & Contacts".
Does this mean in literal sense that in an single csv file we can insert account & contact records?
Pls explain.