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Ravindar AdminRavindar Admin 

how to set defaut image to Rich Text area Filed if non of the image select in custom object in saleforce?

Hi Ravinder,

Upload the image into salesforce org. Keep the link of the image ready for this to work. 

Once you have the image link do the following:-

1. Create a workflow rule with "on create" as entry criteria and check that if the "rich text field" is empty.
2. Add a field update to update the rich text field as ["<img src='link_to_image' />"], every thing inside the square brackets.

Activate the workflow and try creating a new record of that object. The entry criteria can be modified to check for other conditions as well.

Hope it helps :)

Ravindar AdminRavindar Admin
Hi, I Have created workflow with field updation,But Image is not displaying ,Image having only 4kb size,no issue with the size i guess.
Hi Ravindar,

Sorry for not replying, did you solve the issue.
If not I have tried it works for me

Can you send me the picture of your workflow and try inspecting the page with rich text editor to see if the imag tag is updated with the work flow