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pentaho data integration Salesforce upsert- lookup field is empty

I'm using the salesforce upsert component, but the field lookup field is getting empty. The field in the related object is an external ID, since I am using a product code and not the salesforce id.
The csv is apparently correct.
Who do you have any idea?

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Conf. Upsert
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Conf csv
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Related object
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It looks like your setup is correct. I believe this is broken in the newest version of PDI, 7.0. You can see the bug filed here: http://jira.pentaho.com/browse/PDI-15903

If you haven't yet you can look at using 6.1 instead. It doesn't support the newer versions of the SFDC API but it doesn't perform this task reliably, assuming your objects and fields are available at API v21.