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Prabhat Singh 56Prabhat Singh 56 

Queshtion about web services

Hi Team,

We have some of questions regarding web service funcionalities, as we are trying to integrate Salesforce with SAP ERP and we are facing several issues: 

1. While generating the Enterprise WSDL, all SOAP API is generated in the WSDL, although we only want to provide the authentication method to login and obtain the sessionId token. Is there a way to publish only that method in a Salesforce WSDL. Restricting the Enterprise WSDL generated or creating a custom one would be a good solution for us. Is one these options feasible? 

2. If it is not possible to publish the login method in a custom WSDL, how can we populate the <soap:operation soapAction=""/> tag. Is is an obligatory field in the destination application, but we are not able to populate that field in the Enterprise WSDL. 

3. Trying to upload the WSDL in SAP, this application doesn't support recursive structure. I have attached an example of this estructure, as the type DescribeFlexiPageRegion is inside DescribeFlexiPageRegion definition. 

As there are many SAP integrations with Salesforce, I suppose that these issues has been detected and solved someway. Could you please give us some clarification about them? 

Please suggest me the answer all of above question.

Thank you 
Prabhat Singh 56Prabhat Singh 56
Hi Team,

Please help me to solve this.