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Andrew HutchinsonAndrew Hutchinson 

How can I show a related list from unrelated object on an opportunity record?

Hello I have created an object that has a child relationship to Account called Product. I have then created a child object to Product called Client that is also a child object of Account. The use case is that we want to create products against competitors and then link those products to prospects. When I look at a prospect (Account record) I now have a related list of all the products that they use. At an opportunity level, we would like to see this related list so that we don't have to switch back to the account. I have tried creating a Visualforce page, however I am unable to link it to the opportunity record. Can anyone let me know how I link the VF Page to the opportunity record? Thanks
Pankaj MehraPankaj Mehra
Hi Andrew,

You have to make the page standardcontroller for Opportunity object then you can query the records and display on page, VF pages with standard controller to be of a object are allowed to go in the layout of that object.