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Stephen GlarosStephen Glaros 

Building Suggestion Box - Validation Rule Step 3 (Process Builder)

For step 3 of the validation rule, the instructions provide three of the four steps in identifying the new process:
- Process Name: Update Status
- API Name: Update_Status
- Description: Updates status to Implemented when Implemented Date field is populated.

but I don't know how to answer the fourth question, "The process starts when" - there are two choices: "A record changes" and "It's invoked by another process". I don't see that the instructions provide this info. Thanks - Stephen

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Alain CabonAlain Cabon
Hello Stephen

A process can be called by another process using an action (invocable) but here, you just want to update a status when a record changes (date field populated).

Process 1 can invoke the Process 2

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Process 2 is invocable by another process (defined during the creation of the process).

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Best regards


Maharajan CMaharajan C

Just use the "A record changes" in this question.