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How to enable autocomplete feature of lookup inputField with LOOKUP filter?

In Salesforce, there is a out of box filter functionality (lookup filter) for lookup input field. I need the SAME functionality in autocomplete box. Out of the box functionality: field definition (image 1 - green box), example (image 2 - red box).
Currently, I am using this component as AUTOCOMPLETE lookup field but I am open to use another if I get the lookup filter function. In this autocomplete feature, I can refer source SObject for lookup. But this pulls all records of that sObject (not the one with lookup filter). I am using Visualforce page, & I don't wanna use standard lookup field (my requirement is to use aucomplete feature). My Current VF page (image 3) is pulling all records but I only need to pull filtered 3 records (left side of 2nd image - red box). The important VF line of codes is given below (c:TypeAheadComponentMC is the component from blogForce9):
<apex:pageBlockSection columns="1" > <!-- GLA_filtered_Category --> Category <br/> <apex:pageBlockSectionItem > <c:TypeAheadComponentMC allowClear="true" importJquery="true" labelField="name" SObject="General_Ledge_Account__c" inputFieldId="00NN00000027Y78" valueField="Id" targetField="{!objJour.General_Ledger_Account__c}" style="width:95%; margin:0; border-radius:1rem;" /> </apex:pageBlockSectionItem> Person <br/> <apex:pageBlockSectionItem > <c:TypeAheadComponentMC allowClear="true" importJquery="true" labelField="Name" SObject="Account" valueField="Id" targetField="{!objJour.Account__c}" style="width:95%; margin:0; border-radius:1rem;" /> </apex:pageBlockSectionItem> </apex:pageBlockSection>


red - image2

vf page image3