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Aaron Persich 9Aaron Persich 9 

Add Bundle Products using Flow

I have been working with @ Michael White amd @Mayank Srivastava over the community site on how to add product line items using a custom button and flow.  With their help the Flow works and I am able to add products through a dynamic choice action.  Rather than continue to bother Mike and Mayank in the same thread I would like to see if I can add to this process. 
When using the button/flow the user is asked a few questions to narrow the product results.  When the user selects the product, the opportunity line item will be created.  I would like to see if I can automatically create another “Bundle” opportunity line item using the same flow.
For example: 
If the user selects the Software 100 (standard product)
The I would like the  Premium Support 100 (bundle product) to be created as well.
I started to build a custom related object on the product labeled Inclusion Product (Bundles).  In this object I am connecting the standard product to the bundle product with a lookup. 
I was thinking I could query on this associated bundle product in the flow but I am not sure how.
I know this is getting into a CPQ type of process but we are a startup with little budget.  Any advice is appreciated.

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