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Pavushetti Abhilash 3Pavushetti Abhilash 3 

Button not working

User-added imageHi Folks,
I want to create a new case using NEW BUTTON in case object. So there were no standard button NEW available. In case object "Search Layout for Salesforce Classic" gone to List Views edit and Checked (box) the New button. So the button added. When I click on NEW button, I got the above error.(pic 1) Please provide the solution to overcome.
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I have created Action(New button) in Buttons and Links. So when i click on NEW button, its asking "please select atleast one existing record" (pic 2). So when i select one existing record, based on that its creating new record. I need to create new record directly without asking existing record. How could I overcome this. Please provide any solution among two methods. 
Sai PraveenSai Praveen (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Abhilash,

In the second scenerio, As you are adding the action to the list view it always expects to select some record and create from it.

I did not face any issue on the first method. New button is alreday available in the layout and i am able to create the case with out any issue. Can you please elobrate in the first case if you have hidden or made any changes to the new button.

Pavushetti Abhilash 3Pavushetti Abhilash 3
Hi Sai Praveen. Thanks for the reply. Actually in my org when I add the object in application default the new button should be provided. But here I dont have new button. When I add the NEW button (standard) I am getting above error.(pic1). Now my issue was solved. Actually I edited the new button (standard) and changed the settings it was being overridden by Lightning component. So I selected not override. Now my button is working.
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