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Rinky Wadh 6Rinky Wadh 6 

Integration to Salesforce through REST API without using consumer secret/key

I am trying to connect with the Salesforce via API call. I got the access token first by providing username, password, consumer key, consumer secret, grant_type. Then I used the access token and made the second call which is the actual API call for salesforce.

My question is, Is it possible to connect the Salesforce just using access token,username and password without really providing the consumer key and consumer secret or we definitely need the consumer key and consumer secret to connect with Salesforce.

We are using REST API and I don't want to use consumer key and consumer secret. Please suggested how to achieve this.
Hara SahooHara Sahoo
Have you considered Named credential
Using Named Credential, we can make a call out to an external system without supplying a username or Password in the code or any other credentials. Everything is managed under the hood.
Easy to maintain: if an endpoint URL changes, you update only the named credential
You can skip remote site settings, which are otherwise required for callouts to external sites
More info:

Arec JohnsonArec Johnson
my question is similar to this, I want to integrate salesoforce on my ERP medical inventory management (https://surgicloud.com) system related website. Can you please tell me the exact procedure of how to do this? Thanks