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Laura GilLaura Gil 

Unable to make Person Account Record Type visible in a Lead Record Type change from B2B to B2C

Hi all,
I have B2C Lead and B2B Lead as record types on Lead. Person Accounts is enabled. It has the Record Type 'B2C Customer'. Account itself has two record types: 'B2B Customer' and 'Partner'. 
We've got the requirement:
If the lead record type changes from 'B2B Lead' to 'B2C Lead' the record type 'B2C Customer' should be displayed for selection in the dropdown Record Type in the Lead Conversion Layout (Account section).
And the other way around when you change from B2C Lead to B2B Lead. 
The problem here is the standard 'Company' field. If this field is filled out for B2B Lead, you will get displayed the Business Account record types in the dropdown in the section Account in the Lead Conversion layout. If the field is not filled out (B2C Lead) you will get displayed the Person Account record type(s) for selection.
As the Company information is already saved in the Lead object in the database after you created a Lead of type B2B Lead. If you want to change it to B2C Lead (record type change), you can do it, but when you want to convert it, you will see the same Business Account record types for selection in the Lead Conversion Layout, but the Person Account record type is then not being displayed.

I created this validation rule, which unfortunately is not working at all:
AND( RecordType.DeveloperName = 'B2B Lead',

So, first, is there any workaround for such a requirement? is this something that can be only solved with programming?