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Laura GilLaura Gil 

Process Builder to set a field to null when a record type change happens is not working as expected

Hi all,
I am wondering what is wrong in my process. The requirement is to set the Company field on Lead to null when the record type changes or has changed from B2B Lead to B2C Lead and only under this condition. However it is not 100% clear to me how to represent this in a process builder.
Here my steps by testing the process builder:
I created a Lead record with B2B record type and filled out the Company field
I clicked on 'Change record type' and changed the record to B2C Lead
When I check if the company is now empty (with a Chrome extension for Salesforce), I see Company is not yet empty
I change the record type to B2B Lead again, then I see the company is set to null this time
I see my process needs some adjustments but I don't know what else to use in order to let this work.
This is my process:

User-added image
User-added image

User-added image

I would appreciate your tips, what am I doing wrong?
Yogendra JangidYogendra Jangid
Hello Laura,

Try changing your PB with following change:
Record Type equals B2C Lead and is changed is equals to true. 
Currently it is set as B2B, try changing this with B2C Lead.

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Laura GilLaura Gil
Thanks Yogendra, but this is not working even if i change the condition to Lead.RecordType.Name to B2C
Laura GilLaura Gil
Ok, I found out why. I added a node before the node of the record type change and I forgot to set the node to 'evaluate the next criteria'