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Shane K 15Shane K 15 

Winter 22 Visualforce Maps issue - HTTP Error 400 Bad Request

We have a apex:map visualforce component that displays google maps with various data points on the map. With Winter 22 the maps no longer work. They are erroring out with the following error. Has anyone come across this issue or know what could be causing it? It works fine in Summer 21 release.

User-added image
VinayVinay (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Shane,

It seems like there is no related winter 22 release issue with visualforce maps.  Can you check below steps?

>> Check the URL.
>> Try HTTP instead of HTTPS and vice versa.
>> The response body will tell you more information. So, use getBody() to find what is the information the body is getting from the URL.
>> Check whether the URL has any blank space.

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Seeing same issue - works a few times for me, and then stops even though no changes to the page etc. Will raise with support