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Trigger to fetch a field on Contact

I have the contact object which has 2 fields-- job code and job grade.
I have another object job code where there are 2 fields job code and job grade.
When a user creates a contact and enters a job code, he should get the job grade populated automatically.
How can do this using a Map?
SFDC Ravi KumarSFDC Ravi Kumar
trigger UpdateJobGrade on Contact (before insert,before update) {
    set<ID> JobCodeIds = New Set<ID>();
    for(Contact c : Trigger.New){
        if(c.Job_Code__c != NULL || c.Job_Code__c != ''){

    Map<ID,Job_Code__c> JCIds = New MAP<ID,Job_Code__c>([select id,Name,Job_Grade__c From Job_Code__c where Id In: JobCodeIds]);

    for(Contact c : Trigger.New){
        c.Job_Grade__c = JCIds.get(c.Job_Code__c).Job_Grade__c;
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