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kumarcrm bingikumarcrm bingi 

Apex Specialist superbarch test class i got error message. Error System.DmlException: Insert failed. First exception on row 0; first error: FIELD_INTEGRITY_EXCEPTION, Equipment: id value of incorrect type: 01t7F0000071awVQAQ: [Equipment__c]

TEST Class 

private class MaintenanceRequestTest{
    static void setup(){
        //Equipment SETUP
        List<Product2> lstOfEqpmnts = new List<Product2>();
        Product2 eqip = new Product2(Name = 'Test Equipment', 
                                     Maintenance_Cycle__c = 10,
                                     //Cost__c = 100,
                                     Current_Inventory__c = 10,
                                     Lifespan_Months__c = 10,
                                     Replacement_Part__c = true,
                                     Warehouse_SKU__c = 'abc');
        INSERT lstOfEqpmnts;
    static void testMaintenanceRequest(){
        List<Case> lstOfInsertMRs = new List<Case>();
        List<Case> lstOfUpdtMRs = new List<Case>();
        Id equipId = [SELECT Id FROM Product2 LIMIT 1].get(0).Id;
        Case newCase = new Case(Type = 'Routine Maintenance',Status = 'New', Origin = 'Phone');
        newCase.Equipment__c = equipId;
       Case mrInsert = new Case(Type = 'Routine Maintenance2', Status = 'New', Origin = 'Phone');
       mrInsert.Equipment__c = equipId;
            INSERT lstOfInsertMRs;
            System.assertEquals(2, lstOfInsertMRs.size());
            for(Case mrUpdt : lstOfInsertMRs){
                mrUpdt.Status = 'Closed';
            UPDATE lstOfUpdtMRs;
          System.assertEquals(2, lstOfUpdtMRs.size());
Suraj Tripathi 47Suraj Tripathi 47
I think the DataType  of Equipment__c is not the valid datatype of id attribute   
Usha K 21Usha K 21
@kumar did you solve it? im having similar kind of issue..