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Error occurs when clicking Show all results in lightning input field look up

I have created a custom lwc component for entering data for Account creation. To navigate to the Account creation page you have to click 'New' button and the new button will called the custom Aura app then mentioned Account creation lwc will open. (The approach of opening Account creation cant be changed. And seems like as per the Account creation URL it is a lighting out page.)

User-added image
More info on approach which used by us on how to navigate to lwc from visualforce page (https://niksdeveloper.com/salesforce/lwc/how-to-use-lwc-in-visualforce-page/)

Inside Account creation lwc there is a look up field for select parent Account and below is the HTML of that. (used standard codes from lightning documentation)

<lightning-record-edit-form object-api-name="Account">
     <lightning-input-field field-name="ParentId">

But when clicked show all results for typed Account Name in Parent Account, it is creating an error on console log as below without opening Account search popup.

User-added image

When I click Show all Results for "testing", below error shows on the browser developer console.

User-added image

Above mentioned code perfectly worked and open the Account serach popup in Fully lighting another lwc as below.

User-added image

But it is not working in Account Creation lwc. How to fix this? Is there in custom lookup lwc developed for supporting Show all Results in lookup as well?

Did you get any solution to this, I am facing the same issue. Please help if you have one.