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Zander ZumbrunnenZander Zumbrunnen 

How do objects get added to packages?

Hi all,

I am quite new to packages and have been having some issues.

My goal is to move over a LWC and some Apex Classes over from a sandbox org to a production org that is not related to the sandbox. I did some googling and am under the impression that a package is the best way to do this since I do not think change sets can be pushed to an outside org. (If this is not the best approach, please let me know)

As I added some of the Apex classes to the package, I noticed that it was adding objects that are not directly referenced in the class. I am querying for accounts and a custom object. Now, the unwanted objects do have a lookup to the custom object that I do want, but logically I don't see why that would mean those need to be added. 

Is there a way to stop that from happening, or maybe there is an easier approach? Any help is much appreciated.