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Abishek NDAbishek ND 

How to create Lightning component to insert a record into object

  1. Create single object and two fields name and date of birth format(month date year)
  2. Create a timer lightning component(Stop watch)
  3. Create a lightning component table to display the records in the object(Use 1st object).
  4. Create a lightning component which has three button 
    1. Button 1 - to refresh the page onclick
    2. Button 2 - to display the success toast message (Which contains record id)
    3. Button 3 - Navigate to www.google.com  (use navigate to URL ) 
PriyaPriya (Salesforce Developers) 

Hi Abhishek,

Kindly refer this document for your requirement and modify the code as per your need :-


Please mark it as best answer if it helps.


Priya Ranjan