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Jothi EswaranJothi Eswaran 

Email-To-Case : Customer email is not captured in case created.

Email-To-Case: When Customer sends an email for enquiry, case is getting created in Salesforce but in the Case description there is no email content which customer has sent. Also it is not getting captured under Emails section and Activity History. 

Any idea why this is happening ?
jayashree bhosalejayashree bhosale
hope below link will help you with your problem.
Jothi EswaranJothi Eswaran
Hi Jayashree, thanks for your response. I have setup everything already as mentioned in the link. But still something is missing thats why customer email is not getting updated in Case. 
AbhishekAbhishek (Salesforce Developers) 

Check this.

For further reference, you can check below,

It might help you.
nfggn hgfrdsnfggn hgfrds
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