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Unable to identify client key and secret for API test

Once upon a time, hard copy book orders were placed in my org (over a year ago) through an API for ViaTech, and then this process was no longer used for some time. Now, it was decided that the process needs to happen again.

Those books can now be ordered by the end user and goes through fine, but ViaTech does not receive the order. I suspect the issue is with the API. However, the connected app does not show the client key and client secret so that I can test the connection.
How do I find this information on my connected app to test?

Malika Pathak 9Malika Pathak 9

First I navigated to: Build -> Create -> Apps. Here you can see a list of "Connected Apps". (with respect to classic UI)

If you click on "Edit" or "Manage" it doesn't show client_id or secret. To see these details I had to click on the apps' name itself.

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