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Identifying the process behind a button

In this org, a custom button exists to execute a business process (specifically it converts order requests into orders and sends out an email message). Within these processes, I want to identify the one that sends these email out.

How do I locate the process/ these series of steps behind this button? I see the button under the object in which its content source is a visualforce page. Where do I go from there?

Note: I did perform a debug for when the button was clicked and have yet to hone in on the email process since there was a lot of data in the debug log. Wondering if this is another way to identify this?

ShirishaShirisha (Salesforce Developers) 


You might need to check the code in the Visualforce page which might have apex controller to send an email.

In order to check the code,you might need the developer's help and you can find the visualforce page in setup.

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Thank you!

Shirisha Pathuri