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Glenn Nyhan 91Glenn Nyhan 91 

Apex CPU Time Limit Exceeded - Error Message Emanating from Volunteers for Salesforce

Hello All, We are having the following problem when we try to update hours enmass. This happens in Volunteers for Salesforce. Please see the error message below, where it appears there is a problem with the Apex command button. Any help, suggestions on how to solve this would be tremendously helpfulapex issue
VinayVinay (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Glenn,

Salesforce platform imposes a CPU usage governor limit to any given execution context, which is approximately 10 seconds. It means that Apex Code, declarative tools or a combination in a transaction, must not exceed a 10-second limit.

Setting up Debug logs is the best way to find out what consumes the most CPU Time and optimize code accordingly.

Check below reference for more details.


Hope this helps....