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OAuth mass revoke - POST request


my org has about 40 users that I need to log out from their applications. This means that I need to revoke all their OAuth connections:

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There are about 120 connections to revoke. I can not do that manually, it would take too much time. According to documentation, I can make a Post request to revoke an OAuth connection:


I managed to obtain all the OAuth ids, but how do I now make a POST callout according to the documentation to delete them all? Could anyone give me a sample code? This would really help. Thanks.
VinayVinay (Salesforce Developers) 
Check below article that has details on how to Revoke OAuth Tokens.



Hope this helps...

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the first link you posted is the same link that was posted by me.

The second link does not help either since I need to write the code for the POST callout.