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Help!! Looking for plug-ins and/or methods to sync calendar and relate to seamlessly??

Hi, Everyone,

I'm looking for a plug-in for outlook and gmail that will sync events created in gmail or outlook on to the saelsforce calendar. in addition i am looking for something that will intelegently relate to and/or populate name of account and contact on the event from gmail or outlook. I know Einstein Activity Capture has the capactity as far as the AI to intelegently link these events with existing accounts or contacts. Thoughts??
Prabu MahalingamPrabu Mahalingam
If you have not explored about  the plug in Salesforce for Outlook  - link to demo (https://salesforce.vidyard.com/watch/1FFoihBBaWKGNwtgwFsIeQ?_ga=2.188598698.38223274.1619352281-1729620021.1615769354)

There is also another salesforce feature called Salesforce Inbox which is a paid version - link to demo

Above two solutions must solve most of the outlook-Salesforce sync scenarios.