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Avinash Kumar 90Avinash Kumar 90 

Is there a way to configure Chatter sub tabs

Hi All,
Currently I see the following sub tabs in Chatter feed.
 'All Updates', 'Emails','Call Logs', 'Text Posts', 'Status Change'

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Is there a way to supress some of the tabs .e.g supress 'Call Logs' tab ?

ANUTEJANUTEJ (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Avinash,

Is it that you are trying to avoid few updates in the under all updates tab?

Can you elaborate on the scenario you are trying to implement or the issue you are facing while implementing so as to check further and respond back?

Bhuvaneswary RadhakrishnanBhuvaneswary Radhakrishnan
Hi Avinash,
You can control this in Feed Filter Options section in Feed Item for a page layout.
Go to Set up -> Object Manager -> Find and open object -> Open page layout where you want to make this change -> Click on Feed View on the top -> Modify Feed Filter Options
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you can also create custom feed filter. For that go to Set up -> Feed Filter (under Service).