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Can we play Subway Surfers Mod game on Salesforce App exchange?

can we play Subway Surfers Mod APK offline game on app. Or anyone know any games of line on the app?
i downloaded the game https://techgara.com/subway-surfers (https://techgara.com/subway-surfers/)
ANUTEJANUTEJ (Salesforce Developers) 
Please be advised that this community is focused on Salesforce technical discussions where the forums and participants are geared toward programming troubleshooting and support. 

I would request you to post questions only if it is in regards to salesforce technical issues or if it is in regards to implementations on salesforce.

Salesforce Support.
Baya AdamBaya Adam
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Chales LewesChales Lewes
Does anyone know what platforms Android / IOS apps are sold / purchased on?
I created a game mobile application in GooglePlay, I have over 100,000 downloads and I want to sell it somewhere else, where can I do it?
I can also suggest the game platform https://www.betsofa.com/en/
Tom Curran 10Tom Curran 10
Yes, you can use Indigo APK to download Instagram (https://indigoapk.com/download-instagram-apk/).
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