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Puja khetanPuja khetan 

what is different between Linkedn GEN form and Linkedn Sale Navigator

can you please guide me difference between 
Linkedn GEN form and
Linkedn  Sales Navigator?
Suraj Tripathi 47Suraj Tripathi 47
Hi puja

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms is a tool that allows advertisers to incorporate a specific type of form in your ad that is prefilled with users’ information from their profiles on LinkedIn. This helps to increase user experience and reduce the number of form fields, which keeps your users on LinkedIn, not forcing them to visit your website.
You can incorporate the form into your sponsored content campaigns to acquire lead information. You can use them on new campaigns or add them to old ones. It works with the different ads available on LinkedIn sponsored content and inMail. It is accessible through mobile and desktop. 

Advantages of using  LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms
1. LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms are designed specifically for mobile use, which is very important in marketing today. LinkedIn gets about 63 million unique mobile users monthly. That is huge! Tap into this huge number by using the LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms. 
2. The LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms make it easy for users to convert to lead by removing friction. They need not fill long forms with lots of form fields. All they need are two clicks – click the call to action and submit the information. This helps to generate lots of leads. With LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms, you can ask for more information from users without reducing conversation rates. All you need is to design the right experience for completing the form for users and you can have as much data as you need. The information is pre-filled from the users’ profiles, meaning they won’t be forced to fill the form manually.
3. LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms give you a double conversion. You have users’ email when they sign up or follow your call to action and then when they click your link on the thank you page; you lead them to your website or a page where you can target them with another offer of your choice.

How do LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms work?
LinkedIn allows users to do in-app registration, download, or click on any call-to-action you specify on your LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms.
When a user clicks on your ads, a pre-filled form with information from their profile is shown to them. All they need to do is to confirm the information and submit it. Then, a record of the user including their name, email, company name, job title, location, and any other information you specified in the LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms will be sent to you. 

Social selling has transformed the sales landscape, making it easier than ever before to connect with prospects and discover leads organically. LinkedIn, the standard social platform for professional networks and relationships, has long been a popular and effective place to find and nurture sales leads. 
Now, LinkedIn Sales Navigator offers sales organizations even more power to discover leads and manage their pipelines effectively.
Here’s everything you need to know about LinkedIn Sales Navigator to determine whether it’s right for you.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator
LinkedIn has both free and paid versions. There are paid licenses for recruiters, job seekers, professionals, and now sales reps. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is LinkedIn’s paid sales solution.  
It is a sales management tool designed to help sales reps tap into LinkedIn’s extensive network more effectively and, ultimately, land more (and better) deals. 
Here’s how...

Top features 
Sales Navigator has some impressive premium features. These are a few of the most impactful on each plan: 

With the Professional subscription, members can access: 
20 InMail messages per month
1,500 saved leads
Advanced lead and company search
Custom lists
Lead and account alerts
Notes and tags
InMail is a key feature for salespeople who are on the hunt for leads. The free version of LinkedIn doesn’t allow users to directly message people outside of their network. With Sales Navigator, reps can now reach out to fresh leads that they may not be directly connected with yet, a feature that gives salespeople more opportunities to discover and build relationships with leads outside their direct network.
Additionally, the ability to use advanced searches, save leads, create custom account lists, and add notes or tags to leads and accounts makes it easier for sales reps to manage their pipeline and ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

The Team plan includes everything under the Professional plan plus a few more key features:
30 InMail messages per month
5,000 saved leads
CRM integrations
25 out-of-network unlocks per month
In addition to increased InMail and saved lead limits, the Team plan gives users access to TeamLink, CRM integrations, and “out-of-network unlocks.” 
TeamLink enables reps to view and search their team’s connections to identify who has first-degree connections with a prospect in the pipeline. Reps can then reach out to their team members for a warm introduction to the lead, giving them a more likely path to sale. 

The Enterprise plan has all the best features from the Professional and Team plans as well as: 
50 InMail messages per month
10,000 saved leads
TeamLink Extend
Enterprise plans are designed for teams of 10 or more. Along with expanded InMail and lead lists, Enterprise subscribers can increase the size of their TeamLink networks even further through TeamLink Extend. 
TeamLink Extend lets companies harness their full team’s network without giving everyone a full Sales Navigator license.