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Marco JanmaatMarco Janmaat 

Contactperson error


I have created a new field in the account object. 
The field is a lookup of contactperson. 

When I create a organisation, it now asks for a contactperson, which I can fill in. Then afterwards i have added this field to my listview, which works fine. 
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However, when I click on the account. It has no related contactpersons. Any idea on how to solve this?

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Many thanks

Hi Marco,

in order for the contact to appear in the contactperson related list, you have to fill in the account name on the contact record, and not the contact on the account record. 

Marco JanmaatMarco Janmaat
Hi Louis,

Is there no way around this? 
Because when I create my account, I have not "saved" it yet. This would mean that I would need to take an extra step everytime.