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Akshay ShrivastavaAkshay Shrivastava 

batch class for sending email

In lead object a field (product detail) and a picklist (status)
now if the product is not available then the picklist value is Product is not available.
Another object Available product
if After the inquiry of the user if the product is available then an email should be sent to that user that your product is available.
Basically, I want a batch class whose work is to check the lead object records if the picklist value is set to Not Available then
match the product detail field of the lead object and the Name field of the available object. and if a match found then email that user
PriyaPriya (Salesforce Developers) 

Hi Akshay,

Can you please explain it more clearly the requirement + Condition. 

Batch class to send email :- 




Priya Ranjan