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SOQL query for Conga

I need to access fields from related records (Master Detail) to the Op from the Quote. Need to create a Conga Query to gather these fields that is executed from the SBQQ Quote record. 
I think I am close. I know the relationship from the Op to the Quote works, just not sure how to traverse down to the "Rhythm Sites".

SELECT Account_Name__r.Name, Opportunity__r.Name, Rhythm_Site__r.Name, Rhythm_Site_Ship_To_Address__r.Ship_To_City__c, Rhythm_Site_Ship_To_Address__r.Ship_To_State__c, Rhythm_Site_Ship_To_Address__r.Ship_To_Street__c, Rhythm_Site_Ship_To_Address__r.Ship_To_Zip__c, POC_email__c, POC_Phone__c, POC_Title__c, Site_POC__c, Site_POC__r.Email, Site_POC__r.Name FROM Rhythm_Sites__c WHERE Id in (Select Opportunity__c FROM SBQQ__Opportunity2__c FROM SBQQ__Quote__c WHERE id = '{pv0}')
Gagnon MichelGagnon Michel
Conga's support site indicates that the session id button doesn't work in lightning, and that the oauth form must be configured and used.

MyLowesLife (https://www.myloweslife.win/)
Good morning Gagnon, Yes. The button itself has the latest Oauth configured. This is a Query that is being called by the button. If you take the first select out the query works as desired. I am just not sure how to perform the traverse back down to the gather the child records. Thanks, [Enovate Live!] Joey Len​ CRM/Account Team Manager Enovate Medical e: joey.len@enovatemedical.com p: 615.896.1652 x225