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Pete Watson 5Pete Watson 5 

omni channel case routing customisation


I have a requirement to route cases (by record type) via omni channel to agents based on their presence status. 

e.g. We have a number of agents that work in multiple areas of the support teams depending on workload and seasonality. So an agent may be working on 1 type of case in the AM and a different type in the PM, or from one day to the next etc. 

If we have 2 online presence status' (e.g. 'Available for orders cases' and 'Available for service cases') is there a way we can we route different case types to the agents based on these presence status' so they can swap between work functions as and when required?

Many thanks in advance!

ShivankurShivankur (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Pete,

You could utilize the Service Channel available over Presence Status Settings to configure to route different type of cases to different presence status set agent.

statusSo, you should be able to route cases based on different service channels considered as different case types.


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Pete Watson 5Pete Watson 5
hi Shivanjur, 

Thanks for your reply - there doesnt apear to be an 'out the box' way to do this as you can only have 1 service channel per object. 

Im assuming there is a programatic way to achieve this but Im unsure where to start at this stage and how to tap into/influence the routing with code?