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Adesh TiwariAdesh Tiwari 

Can we create a common master detail relationship field on two different objects (for example create one master detail field Company on the object Worker and create same master detail field company on another Object, say Employees) ?

Surya GSurya G
Hi Adesh,
Yes it is possible.
Refer this link for master detail relationship consideration

Surya G
Suraj Tripathi 47Suraj Tripathi 47
Hello Adesh,

I do not clearly understand that what is your requirement, Please Define your question clearly.
As I understood that you want to use one Object as a master and use its property in two child objects, So is this correct then Yes you can use it.
You can learn about relationships from this :
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Thank you!
Suraj Tripathi
Adesh TiwariAdesh Tiwari
Thanks Surya, yes I was asking the same. There is a line mentioned in the link which you have shared that-" Each custom object can have up to two master-detail relationships and up to 25 total relationships", does this imply that we can use one Object as a Master and use it in 25 child objects? If Not, then please let me know meaning of this statement and answer to the question that in how many such child objects we can use one Master object.